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Real-time Fraud management for Central infrastructures and Financial Institutions

As economies across the globe move towards real-time payments, and banks get ready to open their doors to third parties to access their customer data, electronic fraud attempts match steps in speed and complexity. With constantly evolving fraud patterns, the only way to minimize risk is to employ a holistic approach to Fraud Risk Management that stays ahead of fraudsters, through RS IntelliEdge™. A true multi-channel and multi-tenant state-of-the-art FRM solution.

RS IntelliEdge™ is available in two flavours:
• RS IntelliEdge – Central™ - Enterprise Level FRM
• RS IntelliEdge – Banks™ - FRM Solution for Banks

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Value Added Services


Monitor risks real-time

From the word go, our solution starts to monitor risk in real-time based on business rules

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Translate risk thresholds real-time

Ability to create new rules swiftly as well as accommodate rule changes at any point, giving you the advantage to choose the most efficient rule

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Automated model process assessment

Giving you the flexibility to decide how to combine AI and BI scores as well as to keep the AI models relevant at all times

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Ability to identify compromised accounts

Compromised Purchase Point Analysis (CPP) identifies possible points of compromise and highlight suspected compromised accounts for the identified points of compromise

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Integration with other AI/ML solutions

You have the option to continue with your own AI/ML solution or use our AI/ML solution or even compare both and have different scores to choose from

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RS IntelliEdge™, a unique solution catering to your challenges

  • Includes acquiring models and rules that are evaluated from the perspective of MCC, MID and TID to aid in the detection rogue merchants

  • Hotlists that use multiple fields instead of just the card number or account number are critical for banks and FIs to isolate risky transactions

  • Models and rules using data exclusive to the user organization make the FRM unique to each FI

  • Instant verification by customers using Google accounts or biometrics can significantly remove friction

  • Supports transactions from multiple channels like ATM, POS, ECOM,IMPS, UPI, AEPS, BBPS, NETC (Electronic Toll) and is able to onboard new channels quickly


Success Stories

  • Benchmarked for 5500 TPS. Currently averages 2200 TPS. Peaks at 4500 TPS – (data as of early 2022)

  • 1200+ banks onboarded.