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faster payments

A central infrastructure for faster payments

An advanced, state-of-art, real-time payment processing platform, RS RTPS ™ is capable of processing instant account-based payments with very high throughput and high volume. It is designed to enable instant payment for retail and corporate customers, merchants and governments in country.


Value Added Services



The platform has the ability to scale up and down to support varying numbers of users or transaction volumes. The application is able to scale horizontally (by adding more servers) or vertically (by increasing hardware capacity or software efficiency).

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Flexible & Future ready

Built on modular architecture, which isolates the complexity of integration, presentation, and business logic in order to allow for the easy integration of new technologies and processes within the application.

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Fault Tolerant

Built on N+1 architecture, eliminating any single point of failure.

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RS RTPS™ is designed to
enable both pull and push payments for
retail and corporate customers, merchants and governments

  • Built on microservice architecture and ensures 24×7 availability, 99.999% reliability, horizontal and linear scalability

  • Can be implemented in multiple data centers in Active-Active mode or Active-Passive mode ensuring near zero RTO and RPO.

  • Chose technology stack ensures there is no stringent license binding on the owner, and Total Cost of Ownership [TCO] remains significantly low

  • Enables fraud and anti-money laundering checks with FRM integration


Success Stories

  • RS Software has implemented UPI [Unified Payments Interface], one of the most advanced faster payment systems in the world, which is processing over four billion transactions per month (as of February 2022).