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Indian Unified Payments Interface (UPI) leading the world into digital instant payments
April 22, 2019

UPI’s transaction volume has crossed the 750 million per month mark as it celebrates its 3rd anniversary, post the launch in April 2016 – a remarkable success indeed. At RS Software, we take a moment to step back to reflect on the journey of us building UPI for Indian government owned NPCI, and enabling India’s banks to connect to its rails. We believe that a faster payments infrastructure is not an end in itself, it is an opportunity for banks to deliver innovative products and services in both consumer and corporate payments, and thereby transforming humanity and accelerating digital commerce. Therefore the focus was relentlessly on design, customer experience, accessibility and convenience.

Major payment networks Visa and Mastercard are committed to the principle of payments anytime, anywhere, and recognize that UPI like systems will shape the digital financial services landscape globally. The quick adoption and the high probability that UPI is now on track to achieve 12 - 15 billion transactions during its fourth year since launch are the best testimony to the strengths of its architecture and design, and most importantly demonstrate scale and innovation at a pace not achieved anywhere else in the world.

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