The Next Generation

Platform in Digital Payments

A full-spectrum Fintech platform

A unified platform that progressively joins retail & enterprise payment infrastructures, the merchant components, and operational services to create integrated, real-time multi-function business value - that is Payabbhi. A full-spectrum Fintech platform delivering services that span Unified Payments (both POS and digital transactions), AP/AR Automation and Banking from ERP.

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Value Added Services



60+Restful APIs covering all commercial data and money flows – across major  business constructs such as Customer, Products, Orders, Payments, Payouts,  refunds, Invoices, Subscriptions etc.

Seamless Onboarding

Seamless and handfree merchant onboarding process with a full-service sandbox and fast integration kit for the merchants along with the flexibility to align the operator’s preferred business flows across sales, marketing, risk, pricing and alliances.


Platform-as-a-Service Model

Leverages “Infrastructure as code” paradigms, to provide scalability with high stability, high availability, and high resilience. A Micro-services based architecture provides the basis for faster build, integration, and troubleshooting services.

Data-led Insights

Combining inflow and outflow analytics with live dashboards for real-time business intelligence across payment methods, source devices, account payables and receivables. A canonical data model architecture allows the ingestion of data across type and form to generate richer payment analytics.

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Payabbhi is targeted at payment operators/PSPs
who are either looking for a modern platform to overcome the legacy limitations or
for faster expansion into newer geographies/markets

  • Designed for rapid integration by a Merchant with capability for customization and Innovation using both out-of-the-box services as well as mash-ups for enriched functionality, to deliver value to the end-customers.

  • Delivers a single, unified platform for inflow, outflow and custom money flows with fine-grained transaction-level controls and auto-reconciliation leading to higher operational efficiency and lower TCO.

  • Class leading checkout experience based on superior UX and optimized payment flows to provide enhanced transaction success rates and ensure customer stickiness.

  • Provides the underpinnings for a developer ecosystem, democratizing innovation and exponentially increasing the value surfaced through the platform.

  • Can be treated as a universal data store to unlock the value of data and offer significant data analytics as a value proposition to enterprise merchants.


Success Stories

  • Payabbhi has been beta tested in India for about 2 years with 100 live merchants.