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Redefining Payments: Tracing the evolution of Unified Payments Interface (UPI)

Old dog, new tricks Unless you have been dwelling in a cave, it’s impossible to escape the mighty Unified Payment Interface (UPI), India’s sensational real-time payment and money transfer option....

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Money Go Round – A Look into PSD2’s Open Banking Payments

From the History Books The date of April 11th holds a special significance in the tech world.On this fateful day back in 1976, the original Apple computer was built, paving the way for Steve Jobs and co. to ...

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Conversational convergence

A Promise Made It has been almost 5 years since Google first showed off their voice assistant Google Duplex. Dressed casually in a bomber jacket, Sundar Pichai waltzed onto the stage and enthralled the audie...

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CBDC – The era of sovereign digital money – Part 4

The Retail Avatar In its retail form, CBDCs are meant to be used by individuals and businesses for daily transactions, just like physical cash or electronic payment methods such as credit cards and digital ...

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CBDC – The era of sovereign digital money – Part 3

Interoperability across nations CBDCs can be broadly classified into ‘Wholesale’ and ‘Retail’, based on the key stakeholders and the proposed functionality of the currency. Wholesale CBDCs relate to the issu...

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CBDC – The era of sovereign digital money – Part 2

The promise of a better world Meta’s Diem initiative was abandoned in January 2022, but it will forever be regarded as the first, serious, organizational attempt to challenge the status quo of monetary sover...

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CBDC – The era of sovereign digital money – Part 1

The dwindling relevance of physical cash It was in 2020 when I first heard about “Anthropophobia” – you know, the fear of being around other people. And honestly, with Covid then lurking ar...

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The curious case of the ‘Stable’coins!

Pop goes the weasel In May 2022, Terra’s Stablecoin (UST) lost its peg to the dollar. In other words, it stopped being ‘stable’. Now let that sink in!! As a stablecoin, UST only had one role, one reason to e...

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Rise of the MetaHeads

The Evolution of the Metaverse I was in college when “The Matrix” released. It just blew my mind away, and soon became the subject of many an intense conversations with my friends. We debated endlessly on wh...

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Are you ready for decentralized Social Media?

Storm in a teacup Over the last 6 months, we have been witnessing one of the greatest corporate sagas that is so much more binge-worthy than what gets passed on as reality on OTT platforms today. And no, it ...