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Market Outlook

The rapid growth of the digital payment ecosystems is largely driven by Fintechs who are transforming the landscape for payment processors. Acceptance has become an area of focus due to Customer behavioral changes that ISV’s and Fintech’s are leveraging to drive further disruption. Business capabilities are undergoing digital transformation to extend partner integrations using APIs; support of alternate payment methods; offering value-added services for merchant profiling. The processors are going through rapid consolidation through M&A to respond to globalization, localization, and improved efficiency leveraging scale. Critical factors to business success continue to be rapid on-boarding and certification; effective fraud, risk, and chargeback management. Digitization of these capabilities and existing assets by upgrading underlying legacy technology benefits in facilitating deeper market penetration, enhancing customer and partner experience, and strengthening the brand value.

What RS Software can do for you

  1. Simplify disparate IT systems like clearing & settlement, billing, reporting, and authorization, through technology consolidation and re-engineering.
  2. Provide advisory services to create a technology roadmap to facilitate corporate integration pre or post-merger, which will enable operational effectiveness and efficiency.
  3. Leverage big data technology to implement a data lake, and apply advanced analytics to achieve data quality and entity resolution resulting in a one-customer view and enhanced reporting. [ Data Services and Analytics ] case study and [>Merchant Reporting and Analytics] [link to collateral for integrated data framework] >Data Migration Casestudy | >Data Quality Casestudy | >Merchant Data Platform Casestudy
  4. Leverage RS advanced analytics capabilities in artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) to drive actionable insights resulting in instantaneous value for merchants and consumers
  5. Configure and implement Payabbhi a game-changing digital merchant acquiring platform for commerce led payments using a mobile-first approach to drive transformative growth for acceptance – Payabbhi
  6. Deliver API Technology from strategy to implementation for co-innovation with FinTechs and Developers for faster time to market > Factsheet – API Digital Platform, >API Program Operating Model (Discover)
  7. Establish a testing sandbox for pre-compliance testing to enable faster certification for EMVCo 3DS2.X, EMV level 3, and bi-annual releases - >Factsheet RS Test2PayTM
  8. Deliver automation, testing, and certification services to accelerate readiness for advanced authentication specification like 3DS2, Secure Remote Commerce (SRC) –>Casestudy – 3DS2
  9. Build or integrate new capabilities for alternate payment methods, faster payment solutions, market place lending, equated monthly installments (EMI), digital wallets, etc.
  10. Enable a secure and frictionless experience within your ecosystem (banks, Fintech, merchants and partners, and consumers) with solutions leveraging advanced tokenization and authentication >Case Study 3DS2 | Tokenization

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