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Market Outlook

Payment networks worldwide are in the midst of this business transformation. A critical factor that is influencing the business transformations is changing customer behavior. Moreover, the continued globalization of economies together with local regulatory changes is demanding flexible and scalable business models. The conventional hub-and-spoke model is morphing into a network-of-networks model. Such structure is possible by leveraging digital technologies across the spectrum which connects all stakeholders of the ecosystem with the new age payment rails. The value-added services, leveraging the data from digitally-enabled businesses, offers increased monetization opportunity, and scores way above the commoditized payment processing fees.

What can RS Software do for you

  1. Deliver the RS RTPSTM real-time payment system that enhances value for businesses and merchants, B2B payments, alternate payment methods, and financial inclusion
  2. Assess, recommend, and implement a high-throughput, high-volume transaction processing systems with resilience, reliability, and security to address non-linear growth in digital payments 
  3. Deliver API Technology from strategy to implementation for co-innovation with FinTechs and Developers for faster time to market
  4. Accelerate digital enablement across the transaction’s lifecycle in a Network to increase reusability and operational efficiency
  5. Deliver an enterprise-class fraud and risk management platform leveraging AI and ML which supports multiple payment products (cards, checks, ACH, RTP, etc.) on a single platform 
  6. Enable a secure and frictionless experience for Banks, Fintechs, Merchants, and Businesses with solutions for advanced tokenization and authentication for payment and non-payment transactions 
  7. Develop advanced analytics solutions to address the demand for instantaneous value by businesses, merchants, and consumers 
  8. Achieve a customer-centric view with an integrated data solution [link to collateral for integrated data framework]
  9. Address increasing regulatory pressures in different geographies for data localization
  10. Provide advisory services surrounding the transformation journey to implement real-time payments  

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