National Payments Infrastructure

Global digital economy. Revitalization of in-country payment-rails to deliver transformation value.

Real-time payments infrastructure is foundational to our journey into the 21nd Century


Market Outlook

Instant, real-time, faster – payments are becoming the new normal. The payment-rails, whether cards or account, and payment methods whether traditional or alternate – all are striving towards the ‘fast value transfer.’ Moreover, the nature of our global community demands the same speed and ease for global commerce. Businesses and consumers in country or across borders are demanding faster payments to benefit from the real-time visibility of payment status and faster availability of good-funds (settled funds). The demand for this speed, security, and frictionless experience has necessitated technology advancement by financial institutions all over the world. Global and domestic regulators have embarked on the journey to revitalize underlying infrastructure to address the demand of the payment’s ecosystem. The new focus of central banks and networks around the globe is to implement instant / faster payments with an API-first, mobile-first, and cloud-first strategy.

How RS can help you

  1. Assess, advise, and deliver – the roadmap for the digitization of payment-rails, and achieving faster payments with the procedural guidelines and technical specifications, as well as, adoption strategy to build an effective and efficient ecosystem
  2. Deliver the RS RTPSTM real-time payment system that enhances value for businesses and merchants, B2B payments, alternate payment methods, and financial inclusion
  3. Upgrade your current real-time payment solution with our accelerators for digital acceptance (overlay service layer), smart addressing, increasing throughput (high-speed switch),and a faster settlement engine
  4. Deliver RS RTP-Connect™ for banks to integrate into their desired RTP solution, along with mobile reference app and SDK’s for their consumer and business-facing offering for instant digital payments
  5. Enable B2C and B2B payment use cases for faster payment adoption
  6. Provide a roadmap for implementing a bill payment network with the procedural guidelines, technical specifications, adoption strategy to build the scheme and eco-system
  7. Deliver RS-BillAbhiTM - an advanced bill payment platform for seamless presentment and payment of e-bills through integration to existing real-time payment rails. The solution includes comprehensive settlement and dispute management features for billers and consumers.
  8. Deliver an enterprise-class fraud and risk management platform, RS-IntelliEdge™, leveraging AI and ML which supports multiple payment products (cards, checks, ACH, RTP, etc.) on a single platform 
  9. Develop advanced analytics solutions to achieve a customer-centric view with integrated data capabilities