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Market Outlook

The dominance of e-commerce and mobile commerce is driving the need for adoption of omnichannel acceptance. As channels and payment methods increase, merchants need to drive down acceptance expense. Alternate payment methods have emerged to drive increased revenue growth and together with enriched customer experience. The technology organization must focus on PCI compliance activities, tokenization, and related initiatives to ensure enhanced security across omnichannel acceptance. The success of an API-first, cloud-first, and mobile-first approach for transforming payments technology requires a strategy including payments domain expertise. The future of switching goes beyond host to host messaging; the next-generation of switching entails the freedom for a merchant to accept any payment method, enrich transaction with information, process with their provider of choice, and enable higher economic value for consumers, issuers and themselves.

How RS Software Helps Merchants

  1. Deliver API Technology from strategy to implementation for co-innovation with FinTechs and Developers for faster time to market
  2. Enable acceptance across payment channels and methods for an omnichannel offering to your customers 
  3. Enable a secure and frictionless experience for digital channels with advanced tokenization and authentication solutions that drive the reduction in fraud and chargebacks 
  4. Enable faster merchant and partner onboarding with automated underwriting delivered by RS MerchantEdge™
  5. Provide a full suite of EMV certified terminal applications with comprehensive, terminal manufacturer agnostic, and cloud-enabled terminal and estate management solution. This provides merchants flexibility to deploy multiple terminal devices across a brand manufacturer
  6. Enable digital wallets for a card and account-based payments, as well as enable faster payment methods for a consumer to business and business to business payment
  7. Reduce time to market and optimize cost for pre-certification and certification through RS Test2Pay platform that delivers end to end testing, automation, and sandbox capabilities
  8. Leverage big data technology to implement a data lake, and apply advanced analytics to achieve data quality and entity resolution resulting in a one-customer view and enhanced reporting. 
  9. Leverage RS advanced analytics capabilities in artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) to drive actionable insights resulting in instantaneous value for merchants and consumers. i.e., predict and action merchant attrition 
  10. Deliver automation, testing, and certification services to accelerate readiness for advanced authentication specification like 3DS2, Secure Remote Commerce (SRC)

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