RS Test2Pay™ (3DS2)

Test 2 Pay Test2 Pay Test 2Pay

RS Test2Pay™ (3DS2) is a unique 3DS 2.0 test simulator platform based on the newest EMVCo standard. Our scalable architecture is unique since it delivers an authentication sandbox to encourage collaboration and innovation for authentication use cases. It is a cloud-hosted, web-based platform built on a multi-tenant model to support multiple users simultaneously. RS Test2Pay™ also supports end-to-end testing for 3DS 2.1, in compliance with the EMVCo guidelines. The platform simulates, tests, and automates testing across the entire payments ecosystem: Different components include the Access Control Server (ACS), Directory Server (DS), 3DS requestor, and 3DS client using a service virtualization technique. Architected to support a high volume of transactions it can drive large batches of transactions to test any system’s throughput. Configuration and automation of testing and test cases is business-friendly to reduce dependency on limited IT and testing resources. The platform is extensible so that any ISO or API-based message format can be tested.