A Central Infrastructure for faster payments

RS RTPS ™ is an advanced, state-of-art, real-time payment processing platform that is capable of processing instant account-based payments with very high throughput and high volume. It is designed to enable instant payment for retail and corporate customers, merchants and governments in country.

RS RTPS™ is built based on micro-service architecture and ensures 24x7 availability, 99.999% reliability, horizontal and linear scalability, 3000+ TPS throughput and end-to-end security. The platform can be implemented in multiple data centers in Active-Active mode or Active-Passive mode ensuring near zero RTO and RPO. The platform supports end-to-end encryption using RSA 2048 bit encryption methodology. The technology stack is chosen carefully to ensure that there is no stringent license binding on the owner and total cost of ownership [TCO] remains significantly low.

RS RTPS™ is designed with “mobile-first” strategy that supports ISO 20022 protocol and ensures seamless integration with mobile with both payment APIs and meta-APIs that enable authentication, payment and notification functionalities. The platform is future-ready to meet demand of future expansion and integration with other platforms or components as and when required.
Key Functions and Features:

  • Supports both Push Payment [Direct payment] and Pull Payment [Request for Pay] for P2P, P2M, B2B payments between two accounts [real or virtual].
  • Supports both Pre-funded settlement and Net-deferred settlement; with Net Debit Cap and real time Liquidity Monitoring. Configurable limits.
  • Data rich ISO 20022 compliant system. Also supports ISO8583 and native format
  • Smart addressing and payment alias with multiple form factor like mobile, email, national-id etc.
  • End-to-end security with 2048 bit encryption methodology
  • Fraud and risk management
  • API-first, mobile-first system with payment APIs and meta-APIs enabling seamless integration and fostering innovation
  • 24x7x365 availability with appropriate alerts and instant notifications.
  • Built using open source technologies
  • Can run on commodity hardware for low TCO
  • Cloud ready