RS RealEdge™

Real Edge

Solution for Banks

RS Software provides the RS RealEdge™ solution for banks to connect to a Real-time payment / Faster payment scheme [Central Infrastructure]. RS RealEdge™ provides a Digital Overlay Service Layer for banks and enables API based integration with all digital channels like Mobile banking, Internet banking, Mobile Apps. This Digital Overlay Service Layer provides Real-time Payment APIs and Open Banking APIs for the Fintechs. At the backend, RS RealEdge™ integrates with bank’s core banking System [CBS] and other banking systems like FRM, ERP, CRM, Treasury etc. All form factors and most alternative payment methods involved in digital payments like QR codes are supported, whether the connected device originating the transaction is a mobile phone [app], internet banking, kiosk banking, mobile banking, digital wallets, e-money applications, or any other emerging FinTech.

Key Features:

  • Mobile-first, API-first digital payment hub for banks
  • Connects with central Real-time payment rail / scheme
  • ISO 20022 compliant system
  • Supports external API and ISO based integration like SWIFT GPi and ACH
  • Seamless integration with bank’s internal systems – CBS, ERP, CRM, Treasury
  • Integration with bank’s digital channels – Mobile banking, Net banking, Kiosk Banking
  • Provide Open Banking APIs and Open Payment APIs for fintechs
  • Smart addressing with payment alias
  • Configurable processing and system rules
  • Fraud and risk management
  • Portals and dashboard
  • Reports and analytics
  • Built using open source technologies
  • Can run on commodity hardware for low TCO
  • Cloud ready