RS MerchantEdge™

Merchant Edge rs Merchant Edge

RS MerchantEdge™ is a comprehensive digital platform that streamlines merchant interactions with ISOs and PSPs, resulting in a dramatic reduction in the time taken by acquirers to originate and fulfill their merchants’ needs. It provides a complete system of record for merchant management and can be easily integrated with any sales or Customer Relationship Management system to manage the end-to-end merchant lifecycle. 

Features include: 

  • Lead generation
  • Collection and validation of merchant data
  • Processor on-boarding
  • Underwriting
  • Digital contract signing
  • Equipment management
  • Terminal downloads
  • ISO boarding
  • Agent management hierarchy
  • Residual payment management
  • Payment initiation through a virtual terminal
  • Billing & settlement
  • Chargeback workflow
  • Data analytics

  • It includes a Merchant Portal that acquirers can use to help their merchants monitor their business via a user-friendly dashboard. RS MerchantEdge™ is fully validated by the PCI Security Standards Council, conforming to PA-DSS v3.2 requirements.