RS IntelliEdge - Central™

RS Intelli Edge RS IntelliEdge

It is an in-flight risk assessment solution for all payments channel and fund sources – covering cards, accounts and alternate payment methods (APM). 

Key features include:

  • Multi-tenant, SaaS based solution
  • API based access for transaction scoring
  • Support for multiple data formats ISO 8583 and XLM
  • Channels and message specification covered spans ATM, POS, ECOM, biometric payments, ACH, immediate payments, faster payments, check payments, etc.
  • Rule Management system with user-friendly rule-editor, rule-verification against sandbox, rule maker-checker and rule promotion to production
  • Supports federated business architecture: rules can be provisioned at global level which can have bank level overrides plus banks can develop custom rules
  • Provides Case Management with access to central users as well as bank users
  • Supports AI/ML models for efficiencies
  • Enables tracing of fund movement across accounts to support AML
  • Enables tracing of reported frauds to point of purchase to detect common point of purchase (CPP) to issue possible compromise reports to consumers
  • Provides a Sandbox for Models through an innovative Model Studio

    First SaaS implementation of RS IntelliEdge - Central™ is the Enterprise Fraud and Risk Management (EFRM) solution for NPCI serving the national payments pan-India, addressing all 18 channels which is operating with response time <200 milliseconds running @3500 TPS. It supports major channels: POS, ATM, E-Comm, UPI, IMPS, AEPS, CTS, NACH, Toll Collection [NETC] and bill payments. It covers key payments instruments such as Cards, Accounts, VPA, Checks, and Biometric payments.EFRM scores 150 Million transactions per day, evaluating 34K Rules with average FDR > 70% and FPR < 30%.