RS IntelliEdge - Banks™

RS IntelliEdge RS Intelli Edge

Today banks either own payment solution in-house or commonly outsource it through payment service providers. This creates silo view of the payment across various channels for the same customer and hence collective intelligence cannot be harnessed. RS IntelliEdge™ (Banks) is designed to solve this problem by preserving what it banks have today but creates a common infrastructure to harness unified perspective.

This is an in-flight risk assessment solution for all payments channel and fund sources – covering cards, accounts and alternate payment methods (APM). Key features include:

  • Multi-tenant, SaaS based solution to support banks and branches
  • API based access for transaction scoring
  • Support for multiple data formats ISO 8583 and XLM
  • Channels and message specification covered spans ATM, POS, ECOM, biometric payments, ACH, immediate payments, faster payments, check payments, etc.
  • Rule Management system with user-friendly rule-editor, rule-verification against sandbox, rule maker-checker and rule promotion to production
  • Supports federated business architecture: rules can be provisioned at global level which can have bank level overrides plus banks can develop custom rules
  • Provides Case Management with access to central bank users as well as branch users
  • Supports AI/ML models for efficiencies
  • Enables fund movement tracing across accounts to support AML
  • Enables tracing of reported frauds to point of purchase to detect common point of purchase (CPP) to issue possible compromise reports to consumers
  • True cross channel perspective using Customer ID as key
  • Branch Level Rules
  • Can be extended to Loan, Treasury, EFT
  • Step-up authentication (Risk Based Authentication)