RS DigitalEdge™

A Digital Overlay Service Layer for Central Infrastructure of faster payments RS Digital Edge rsdigitaledge

RS DigitalEdge™ is an advanced, API-based digital layer which can integrate seamlessly with underlying instant payment or faster payment switch. This will modernize the earlier generation of faster or instant payment system, with an API based digital façade that provides payment APIs and meta-APIs for banks and fintechs to connect. It supports ISO 20022, ISO 8583 and other native protocols and enables a mobile-based payment. It supports smart addressing and different use cases of instant payment like instant bill payment.

Key Features:

  • It is Mobile-first, API-first digital overlay service layer for central infrastructure
  • Seamless integration with underlying immediate payment systems using customized message protocols
  • System is ISO 20022 compliant. ISO 8583 and native format message adapters are built-in
  • Provides “Smart Addressing” with payment alias like phone, email, national-id etc.
  • Provides User onboarding and Management
  • Portals and monitoring dashboard with scheme specific rules and configurations
  • Provides Reports and analytics
  • Available 24x7x365 with end-to-end security
  • Built using open source technologies
  • Can run on commodity hardware for low TCO
  • Cloud ready
  • Adapts between synchronous and asynchronous message exchange
  • Throttle Management (in backlog)