Faster time to market for business requirements requires on-time delivery with the highest reliability

Ensure end to end integrity of the payment systems with your ecosystem

In responding to emerging customer behavior and addressing consumer sentiment stakeholders in the payment’s ecosystem need to deliver faster, reliable, and resilient solutions. The software development lifecycle is under duress. This requires a shift left methodology to drive automation and reduce overhead as early in the lifecycle as possible. End to end testing is the new normal to ensure the reliability of releases and reduce product risk. Therefore, payment’s domain proficiency in testing is strategically important to meet faster time to market goals for the business.

What RS can do for you

  • Perform a testing health check on the enterprise testing methodology and tools to drive improvement and overall efficiency
  • Establish a testing sandbox for pre-compliance testing to enable faster certification for payment applications, like compliance for EMVCo 3DS2.X, EMV level 3, and bi-annual releases
  • Validate your payment applications from a functional and business requirements perspective which includes (but is not limited to) – Payment Devices, API/Web Services, Portals and Interfaces, Business Applications, Data Warehouse, etc.
  • Advance testing automation initiatives like implementing an automation framework for functional, regression, and integration testing
  • Transform your enterprise software development methodologies to adapt to modern techniques and tools for continuous integration (CI) and continuous delivery (CD)
  • Automate end to end testing of payment applications using service virtualization for internal and external services to address for holistic upstream and downstream impact
  • Provide managed services for testing and certification of payment applications

  • Networks

    - Established an enterprise testing process and provided end to end testing services to a global payment network flawlessly for seven consecutive releases (half-yearly)
    - Worked directly with acquirers and issuers as a Network Analyst and certification coordinator from a global payments network
    - Conducted release testing for a global payments network successfully for seven consecutive major releases
    - Delivered a managed service for pre-production certification of an in-country faster payments solution using virtualized simulators
    - Delivered a manged service for pre-production certification of in-country enterprise fraud and risk management platform using virtualized simulators


  • Banks

    - Delivered a managed service for validation and certification of a Bill Payment Solution and integration with the national network - Click to know more


  • Processors

    - Designed the RS Test2Pay platform to perform functional and regression testing for multiple message protocols (ISO8583, JSON, XML, etc.)
    - Delivered RS Test2Pay for 3DS 2.x testing for 3DS Server, Directory Server, Access Control Server (ACS), 3DS Requestor and 3DS SDK


  • Payment Service Provider

    - Evaluated QA processes that where we recommended a modernization strategy and implemented the same
    - Certified various Point of Sale (POS) terminals for EMV level 3 compliance for multiple processors and card networks - Click to know more
    - Provided support to an industry-leading test tool provider to assist in modernizing their tool and approach to the market