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Support emerging acceptance with global scale and local compliance

Existing switching and authorization systems are on legacy infrastructures. To accommodate new payment methods, switching has expanded to support diverse formats (ISO 8583, ISO 20022, JSON, XML, etc.) while preserving the existing rails. Conventional switching processes are being disrupted by regulators demanding data sovereignty. Data localization is driving a re-architecture of switching to support distributed switching and authorization. Further, M&A activities have resulted in large enterprises managing multiple switching solutions. Duplication is driving operational inefficiency and unnecessary IT and operational expense. IT simplification strategies are driving the need for switching systems to be replaced, consolidated, or re-engineered.

What RS can do for you

  • Assess, recommend, and implement a high-throughput, high-volume transaction processing systems with resilience, reliability, and security to address non-linear growth in digital payments
  • Deliver the RS RTPSTM real-time payment system that enhances value for businesses and merchants, B2B payments, alternate payment methods, and financial inclusion,
  • Deliver API Technology from strategy to implementation for co-innovation with FinTechs and Developers for faster time to market
  • Accelerate digital enablement across the transaction’s lifecycle in a Network to increase reusability and operational efficiency
  • Deliver an enterprise-class fraud and risk management platform leveraging AI and ML which supports multiple payment products (cards, checks, ACH, RTP, etc.) on a single platform
  • Enable a secure and frictionless experience for Banks, Fintechs, Merchants, and Businesses with solutions for advanced tokenization and authentication for payment and non-payment transactions
  • Address increasing regulatory pressures in different geographies for data localization
  • Simplify disparate IT systems like clearing & settlement, billing, reporting, and authorization, through technology consolidation and re-engineering.
  • Provide advisory services to create a technology roadmap to facilitate corporate integration pre or post-merger, which will enable operational effectiveness and efficiency.
  • Deliver platform re-engineering to modernize your switching and authorization platforms

  • Partnered with one of the world’s largest payment network for 25+ years across all payment applications and facilitated scaling up from 500 TPS to 56,000 TPS growth
  • Implemented the in-country payment infrastructure across faster payment central infrastructure, bill payments and fraud and risk management platform at national level which is rated #1 in-country infrastructure in an assessment conducted by FIS Global Survey, processing 900+ million transactions per month supporting an economy of 1.3 billion people
  • Built the card tokenization platform for one of the worlds largest payment networks
  • Built a large scale digital overlay service for a faster payments infrastructure at a country level in India
  • Implemented least cost routing of PIN-less Debit Card Transactions for a mid-size processor
  • Implemented an API-first, cloud-first, mobile-first omnichannel merchant acquiring and payments platform for multiple customers in the US market GET Case study, GovPay Case Study

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