Certified safe & secure integrated online Bill payment application/platform


Consumer attrition for financial institutions is on the rise based on poor user experience. Consumers want smarter and more convenient ways to pay their bills. With the advancement of mobile technology, consumers want to pay bills wherever whenever. Additionally, consumers want the benefits of bill payment services in terms of discounts and cashback offers. These value-added services are now becoming deciding factors for consumers looking to select a financial services institution and their bill payment solution. Bill payment solutions are increasingly challenged to address seamless integration with multiple financial institutions, billers, biller service providers, and end-users for synchronous processing and reconciliation. A key hurdle for a bill payment solution is to continue to address consumer sentiment for frictionless user experience. Finally, the solution must comply with the standard guidelines published by the governing authority while maintaining leadership in the industry as an innovator.

What RS can do for you

li>Provide comprehensive features for functionalities associated with bill payment solutions.  For example, consumer self-service, bill presentment, auto-pay, bill payment through bank agents/channels, admin portal to manage users/billers/agents/agent institutes, mobile app supporting new-age mobile banking, user access and authentication, consumer-facing application/service, complaint and dispute management, reconciliation and reporting

  • Provide a managed service for a bill payment solution
  • Provide necessary certification support and services
  • Develop APIs and web applications for your bill payment solution for seamless integration with your ecosystem
  • Provide value-added services such as analytics, velocity monitoring, etc.

  • Processor
    - Implemented a bill payment switch to integrate customer and biller for seamless bill retrieval, presentment, and payment
    - Established seamless communication between a processor and financial institution
    - Generated daily clearing and settlement files
  • Banks
    - Enabled a bank to operate as a Customer Service provider and a Biller Service provider
    - Facilitated Agent / Agent Institute onboarding for banks
    - Facilitated Biller onboarding and configuration
    - Facilitated bill payment service for bank’s retail and corporate customers
    - Facilitated integration of bank systems with bill payment application through APIs
    - Facilitated payment reconciliation with a bank’s core banking system (CBS) data

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