Increasing adoption of digital payments through increased confidence in servicing customer card disputes

Enable systems and processes for easy recording of customer card disputes with a fast and equitable resolution

With the emergence of digital payments and remote commerce, a transaction might end up traversing disparate providers. Where a dispute arises, it may take the analysis of the transaction at various levels to ascertain the cause and settle the dispute for all stakeholders. An effective dispute resolution is key to delivering confidence to all stakeholders and building trust. Another essential success criteria are the faster resolution of a dispute. To enable this, newer operational regulations like Visa Claims Resolution (VCR), and the Mastercard Dispute Resolution Initiative (MDRI) rules needs to be converted to automated review and decisioning. With so many interfaces and complex operational rules that change bi-annually, provisioning an automated evaluation of a dispute becomes a key enabler for improving operational efficiency, and ensuring compliance. Overall, the dispute process needs to deliver optimal user and customer experience for all stakeholders.

What RS can do for you

  • Leverage API technology to enable faster time to value for all your upstream and downstream systems of record that need to integrate to the disputes engine
  • Leverage dispute data to enrich customer profiles to enhance fraud and risk management, helping to reduce the risk of future chargebacks much earlier in the authorization stage of the transaction life-cycle
  • Build enterprise dashboards, and various business function reports for monitoring of complaints, disputes, and resolution of the case types
  • Build and implement an enterprise dispute and case management system, leveraging a micro-services-based architecture and API-first technology
  • Integrate with an OCR system and other scan-and-read software to convert manual cases to electronic data thus streamlining the overall operation

  • RS Software Dispute Management Factsheet

  • Network
    - Designed, architected, and built an enterprise-level automated dispute resolution system for the largest payment network in the world which replaced the existing system. The new system provided an enhanced transaction inquiry capability that improved efficiencies across the dispute management lifecycle allowing the network to process four times as many disputes with the same number of personnel. To know more, click here.
  • Processor
    - Designed, developed, and implemented a dispute management solution for one of the leading processors, which featured a streamlined, automated process that reduced the amount of time required to process a dispute. In addition to the cost savings, it shortened the amount of time needed to process and allowed the acquirer to deliver higher levels of service to its customers. To know more, click here.

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