Reimagine and Reinvent 7.5B+ Points of Acceptance

Adapt to payments disruption on a global scale

Consumer sentiment globally is demanding rapid change in payment technology. For example recent generations, who are digital natives, are demanding innovation around mobile-first technology. The industry is driving towards every person on earth being a point of acceptance. Payment players in this digital era must continually innovate to remain competitive while focussed on regulatory requirements and security. The increased focus on digitizing P2P and B2B payments are changing the way we pay one another.
Imagine a global society that is cash-less?

What RS can do for you

  • Configure and implement Payabbhi a game-changing digital merchant acquiring platform for commerce led payments using a mobile-first approach to drive transformative growth for acceptance
  • Enable digital wallets for a card and account-based payments, as well as enable faster payment methods for a consumer to business and business to business payment - Payabbhi®
  • Enable acceptance across payment channels and methods for an omnichannel offering for digital merchant acquiring through our RS iFinSwitch™, and RS MerchantEdge™ and Terminal Application
  • Provide a full suite of EMV certified terminal applications with comprehensive, terminal manufacturer agnostic, and cloud-enabled terminal and estate management solution. This provides merchants and PSPs flexibility to deploy multiple terminal devices across a brand manufacturer
  • Reduce time to market and optimize cost for pre-certification and certification through the RS Test2Pay™ platform that delivers end to end testing, automation, and sandbox capabilities for advanced authentication specification like 3DS2, Secure Remote Commerce (SRC)
  • Establish a testing sandbox for pre-compliance testing to enable faster certification for EMVCo 3DS2.X, EMV level 3, and bi-annual releases - Click to know more.
  • Build or integrate new capabilities for alternate payment methods, faster payment solutions, market place lending, equated monthly installments (EMI), digital wallets, closed-loop card (issuance and acceptance) solution, etc.
  • Enable a secure and frictionless experience within your ecosystem (banks, Fintech, merchants and partners, and consumers) with solutions leveraging advanced tokenization and authentication - Click to know more.
  • Deliver API Technology from strategy to implementation for co-innovation with FinTechs and Developers for faster time to market - check out API Digital Platform and API Program Operating Model

  • Implemented an API-first, cloud-first, mobile-first omnichannel merchant acquiring and payments platform for multiple customers in the US market - Refer here to know more
  • Enabled EMV / chip solutions and certification for numerous customers in the US market AliasWire Case Study
  • Delivered new capabilities to enhance payment security with solutions including tokenization, EMVCo 3DS authentication, third party risk, and fraud solutions, end-to-end encryption, etc. Click to know more
  • Accelerated customer on-boarding through digitization of existing business capabilities
  • Integrated risk scoring platforms for global payments to score card not present (CNP) transactions
  • Enabled EMV contact and contactless solutions, and EMVCo 3DS2 solutions for leading global processors
  • Developed new business capabilities to support least cost routing, dispute management, digital acceptance, omnichannel experience for leading global processors
  • Executed API-zation roadmap development for a large payments processor which had grown over the years through large number of M&A
  • Developed a data lake to contain payment messages from eighteen different channels on a national scale to enable one-view for enterprise fraud and risk management
  • Implemented faster payments (UPI) for the acquiring and issuing processing services available for banks in India
  • Read about why leading payments brands trust RS Software