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Investor FAQ

Q1. Who are the key target audiences for the company?

Our key target audiences include existing customers, prospective clients, alliance partners, past/present/future employees, investors/analysts/shareholders, media, research firms, and government as well as regulatory agencies.

Q2. Who are the key influencers for the company?

The rapid growth in electronic payments volumes and new payment types forces payment providers to constantly revise their strategies, shorten their time to market, and create new products and services. RS Software provides solutions to help them meet these challenges.

Q3. Where is RS Software located and how many people work for the company?

RS Software’s offices are located in the US, UK, Singapore and India employing more than 1,000 professionals to deliver high quality solutions for payment networks, processors, acquires, issuers, and other payment industry companies.

Q4. What are the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives that you have been associated with?

RS Software was one of the first companies in Kolkata to set up offshore operations in the Electronic Complex at Salt Lake. We have played a major role in creating employment opportunities for engineers and science students who wish to join the IT industry. We provide opportunities for summer training to engineering students in their final semesters.

The company has also distributed used PCs to several charitable organizations and RS Software’s employees have donated generously to the Prime Minister’s national earthquake and tsunami relief funds. The RS Club regularly organizes donation of garments to destitute children through recognized NGOs. We also sponsor several educational programs run by charitable institutions. We have created a CSR Fund, which contributes towards building of social infrastructure including education and health care facilities for underprivileged segment of the society.

Q5. What corporate governance initiatives, such as reconstitution of the board, have the company taken?

The company’s board members are from different disciplines. We utilizes committees, have proportionate independent directors on the board, hold regular committee meetings with not more than a four month gap between meetings and publish the audited financial results every quarter. We update disclosures as required to comply with standard accounting practices and policies. We have these disclosures and revisions certified by independent auditors.

Q6. What is the source of capital?

Equity shares.

Q7. Does the company primarily generate services income or does it also have Intellectual Property Rights (IPRs) built around certain re-usable components, tools and software products from which recurring licensing income could be derived?

RS Software offers a comprehensive set of services that includes custom application development, quality assurance and testing, application management and support and strategic consulting. We do deploy reusable components and tools. The company focuses on innovation via the RS Payments Lab where research work on new and emerging technologies is conducted. The company has filed patent applications in India and USA. Our long-term business projections take into account the significant domain expertise we have built over the two decades in payments systems and contain revenue projections from IPR-based tools and frameworks. We are actively developing our strategic consulting business.

Q8. I would like to know more about RS Software. How do I obtain information about the company?

RS Software’s annual report provides a comprehensive overview of the company. Additional information about RS Software, such as a company history, can be found in “About Us.” Information on our service offerings may be found in the “What We Offer” section of the website.

Q9. What will the company focus on going forward?

  • Strengthen and expand our sales and marketing globally.
  • Investment in additional technology and infrastructure.
  • Continued benchmarking of best management practices in the payments industry.
  • Develop an advisory board with core knowledge and leadership in the payments industry.
  • Use capital markets strategies that compliment the company’s organic growth.

Q10. Who are your independent auditors?

M/s. Chaturvedi & Company of 60, Bentinck Street, Kolkata

Q11. Who is RS Software’s transfer agent?

M/s. C.B. Management Services (P) Ltd. of P-22, Bondel Road Kolkata

Q12. I want to speak to someone in RS Software’s Investor Relations department. Who should I contact?

Please contact the Compliance Officer of our Company, Mr. Vijendra Surana, CFO & Company Secretary. He can be reached at:

Q13. How can I buy RS Software stock?

RS Software’s stock is listed on both Bombay Stock Exchanges (BSE) and National Stock Exchanges (NSE). You can directly buy stocks online and also through Registered Brokers.

Q14. Where can I find the CSR Policy of RS Software (India) Limited?

Click here to download the policy.

Q15. Where can I find the Related Party Transaction Policy of R S Software (India) Limited?

Click here to download the policy.

Q16. Where can I find the Vigil Mechanism Policy R S Software (India) Limited?

Click here to download the policy.


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