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Almost daily a new method of paying for goods and services is introduced. Many of these methods involve using one of the most ubiquitous devices on Earth – the mobile phone. Today, a host of payment service providers are offering mobile payment options for a variety of environments including retail, fast food, digital download, mass transit, parking, online purchases, vending machines and remittances.

With the volume of mobile payments increasing and new methods of facilitating mobile payments being introduced, the convenience factor that makes this means of purchase attractive will continue to drive its growth. For many payment providers and the businesses they serve, convenience is the critical component for creating customer loyalty in a world where the phone is replacing the cards in a wallet or a purse.

The opportunity presented by mobile payments introduces many challenges to existing payment infrastructures. RS Software has delivered mobile solutions across a variety of operating systems (e.g., iOS and Android) for B2C, B2B and fully integrated, enterprise-only applications. We provide a comprehensive set of services for mobile including application development, implementation, integration, migration, testing, maintenance and support.

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