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Studies indicate that more than 75 percent of consumers now have at least one loyalty card. Companies continue to spend billions annually on loyalty programs in the United States alone because customer loyalty is critical for driving sustainable growth. However, even with the adoption of card-based and mobile loyalty programs growing, retaining and engaging customers remains one of the greatest challenges for all the organizations involved in the payments value chain.

Data acquisition and analytics is key to overcoming this challenge. Companies must capture and access information about customer buying patterns to create targeted messaging and offers. Gathering and tracking the data required for the segmentation and customization required to achieve this goal means organizations must dissect and analyze payments information from a variety of systems across a number of operations.

RS Software’s loyalty solutions provide clients with enhanced analytical capabilities allowing them to deliver dynamic, personalized offers to their customers based on their preferences and, when combined with mobile payment systems, location. In addition, our patent pending Get.More platform can be used to mine data from transactions that may be utilized in creating more effective offers for prospective and existing loyalty program members.

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