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EMV Liability Shift
The October 2015 liability shift means that those organizations using non-EMV compliant devices that accept EMV card transactions assume liability for transactions that are found to be fraudulent. This liability shift could have a potentially huge and disturbing ramification to your organization.

RS Software offers an extensive set of reusable assets, tools and automated processes that reduce exposure to liability by improving time to market for EMV compliance.
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EMV Compliance Toolset
To ensure that your payment system is in compliance requires that you have a complete understanding of the EMV standard and experience in implementing it in a number of different instances.

RS Software helps organizations achieve compliance quickly applying lessons learned from numerous projects completed for leading payment brands around the world.
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EMV Evaluation Process
RS Software has helped organizations around the world successfully migrate to EMV using an evaluation process that provides each organization with a migration roadmap tailored to their specific payment ecosystem.

The roadmap includes results from analysis of existing systems, specifications related to the customer’s needs, specifications as determined by the network, requirements analysis, implementation planning, pre-certification testing and certification planning.
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EMV Testing Workbench
We have experience testing a variety of different types of modules utilizing different test tools to create a reusable workbench. We test POS devices, mPOS, virtual terminals, gateways and authentication processes using a proven test data generator, common set of frameworks (e.g., SOAPUI, Selenium) and broad spectrum of test scenarios. Test data variations include data ISO 8583, XML, JSON and EIS1080.
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“RS Software delivered!  Their payments expertise and knowledgeable staff helped us to get the roadmap for our EMV compliance project on time and on budget.”

Tim Barnett, CIO, BlueFin

“RS Software pitched in at the right moment when we were in the process of planning our EMV roadmap. Their payments expertise and EMV subject matter experts helped us create the plan to deliver end-to- end compliance for all our merchants and ISVs for all our channels.”
Jason Kafer, CTO, Base Commerce

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