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The growth of e-commerce has fueled the transformation of the payments industry creating a multi-billion dollar marketplace. Today e-commerce players are introducing dynamic pricing, single page stores, social commerce and mobile applications to further challenge existing physical and online business models. New devices – most recently tablets – are offering consumers and businesses more ways to purchase goods and services from anywhere in the world at any time of day.

Yet, success in the e-commerce world is dependent upon certain basic principles that have proven themselves over time in retailing whether it takes place in a store or online. Convenience is still the most critical component for driving sales. Customer loyalty enhances profitability. Offering as wide a range of choices as possible is critical to sales and profitability. Payment providers must accommodate new technology while not sacrificing the fundamentals of successful retailing.

RS Software’s proven delivery methodology and knowledge transfer processes mitigates risk, improves time to market and delivers attractive price performance to companies operating in a variety of regulatory environments. Our emphasis on availability, scalability and security as well as our expertise with new channels, payment types and loyalty programs allow us to add value to some of the world’s leading payment brands e-commerce operations.

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