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Work Life Balance

Social Events
Driving employees too hard without the chance to unwind and socialize with their peers goes against the RS Software commitment to sustaining a fulfilling work-life balance. For this reason, we are dedicated to providing our employees with outlets for personal expression and offer regular activities that help build the bonds between co-workers that are crucial to their success as a team. Our employees come together regularly outside of work in relaxed environments attending social events such as dances or sporting events.

Working from Home
To help them manage their personal and professional commitments more effectively, RS Software employees have the opportunity to combine regular office hours with the chance to work from home in certain situations. Because our work is done within a team environment working from home is provided as a compliment to, rather that a substitute for, the workplace.

At RS Software we know that a healthy mind and body are equally important. To provide the opportunity to offset the hours of sedentary work our employees invest in their jobs, we offer state-of-the-art gym facilities to ensure the physical well–being of our employees.

The RS Cafeteria
To our offshore employees we offer a fully stocked canteen facility with a healthy selection of lunches and dinners and access to a wide range of satellite TV channels on LCD screens positioned throughout the facility. While spending time unwinding, having coffee, snacks or lunch, employees can be entertained and stay informed via 140+ channels available.

Annual Day
Our Annual Day is a highly anticipated event on the RS Software calendar providing a unique opportunity for self-expression and creativity. During Annual Day we review how the company has done in keeping its commitment to excellence throughout the previous year and take time to highlight the many hidden talents within the RS Software team. The Annual Performance and Long Service Awards are also given out during the event.

RS Club
RS Club creates an opportunity for employees to network and provides a platform to stimulate creativity and ideas. Since its inception, the RS Club has been the source of many positive activities at our company helping maintain the sense of family that characterizes our organization. All RS Software employees are RS Club members by default.


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