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Investing in You: The RS Academy of Professional Excellence

RS Software is committed to being the global leader in providing technology solutions for the electronic payments industry.

We invest in the knowledge and skill development of our employees with the RS Academy of Professional Excellence – the industry’s most comprehensive training platform. The Academy has three main areas of focus:

  • Current Technology Skills – Ensures our team is at the forefront of the latest operating systems, programming languages, tools, databases and project management methodologies and processes.

  • Professional Development – Facilitates development of skills in areas such as customer orientation, business communication, managing people, teamwork, and leadership. In-STEP, our in-house Strategic Transformation and Empowerment Program, provides regular opportunities for our senior teams to build their strategy and senior management skills.

  • Payment Domain Knowledge – Builds the team’s knowledge and expertise of the payments processing industry in key segments such as acquirer, issuer, and payment networks.

A training calendar is published at the beginning of the month and this helps the employees to choose their preferred programs for the month. Employees earn incentive points during the year based on the training hours they pursue.

Training needs are identified by careful review of these key components:

• Annual strategic direction of the company
• Client feedback
• Workforce planning exercises
• Project-specific skill requirements
• Role-specific training
• Individual development plans related to career aspirations

Customized Training Programs
Technological expertise is a core service that RS Software offers clients. Our robust technology training keeps our team on the leading edge of the payments industry. We provide our employees technology training in areas such as Agile, Hadoop, Hive, SOAP, REST, .NET, Java, Spring, Hibernate, Oracle, Ab Initio, MicroStrategy, QTP, QC and Load Runner. To accommodate location, learning style and schedules, training programs are available as webinars, knowledge sharing sessions, computer-based training and instructor-led sessions.

New Team Member Orientation
All new employees participate in a four-day training program that includes an overview of the payments industry overview and the company’s history, value systems, culture and strategic direction. For University graduates entering the workforce, RS Software offers an additional three months training module that includes programming concepts, application design, quality awareness, information security and project management philosophies applied at RS Software.

Industry Training: RS School of Payment
As an integral part of the RS Academy of Professional Excellence, The RS School of Payment is designed to provide employees with the knowledge, which forms the foundation for our company’s global leadership in the electronic payment processing industry. Specific training offered through this customized track includes payment system topographies, merchant boarding, authorization, risk and fraud, clearing and settlement, loyalty, issuer practices, card management services, and more.


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