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Q1. What is the main focus area of RS Software?

Ans: Since its inception, RS Software has focused on the payments industry. In our over 20 years of service to that industry we have built a client list that includes the world’s leading payment brands. More than 95 percent of our company’s revenues come from providing custom software solutions to financial institutions, payment network providers, payment processors and technology companies in the payments industry. To deliver leading edge solutions to our clients, we employ a proprietary methodology, the RS Global Execution Methodology™ (RS GEM™), based specifically on the unique dynamics of the payments industry and designed to mitigate risk while decreasing time to market.

Q2. How competitive is the compensation structure at the company?

Ans: The compensation structure at RS is directly linked to individual performance. We encourage individual initiative and reward results. The pay structure follows a performance linked variable compensation plan that is assessed during employee performance evaluations. We regularly compare our compensation plans with other industry players to position ourselves competitively in the marketplace. We also perform a compensation equity study among our internal members on a regular basis. Based on this analysis, we believe our compensation plan to be one of the strongest in the industry.

Q3. How fast can a professional grow within the organization?

Ans: We thrive on challenges. We set our own benchmarks, whether in terms of scale, complexity or criticality, and then push the limits as far as we can. RS Software is one of the few technology and payment solutions providers where talented individuals have the opportunity to work on cutting-edge, complex, and mission-critical IT projects. We offer ample career opportunities to hardworking and skilled employees. Our Talent Management Program is specifically designed to identify the interests of each employee and match them with suitable career paths within their desired domains, allowing them to make the best possible use of their skillsets in reaching their goals. There are examples of people moving up the ranks to leadership positions within the organisation.

Q4. What type of health insurance does RS Software offer?

Ans: We provide comprehensive coverage for a maximum of four people, including the employee and three dependents. RS Software offers one of the most extensive medical plans in the industry, covering reimbursement of hospitalization and domiciliary hospitalization expenses for illness, disease, or injuries.

Q5. Can an employee work from home under special situations/conditions?

Ans: Yes. To help employees manage their professional and personal commitment effectively, we offer them the opportunity to combine regular office hours with a home office in certain situations. However, the option of working from home is meant to be a compliment to the workplace rather than a substitute for it.

Q6. What kind of training opportunities does RS provide to its employees?

Ans: We pride ourselves on being a learning organization where individual growth is constantly cultivated with counselling, mentoring, and training. One of the first actions taken with new employees at RS Software is to identify opportunities for development of their technical, industry, management and organizational skills. We have implemented key leadership development programs designed to identify top performers across business areas and train them to manage greater responsibilities and challenges. Our RS School of Payments is unique in the industry offering participants the ability to accumulate domain expertise within a structured curriculum taught by our industry veterans and subject matter experts. All employees regularly take on going certification courses to advance their training.

Q7. How does RS Software help recruits from other regions to settle down in Kolkata?

Ans: To address the challenges of relocation, we offer employees coming from other regions reimbursement for expenses associated with their moves as well as complimentary interim facilities, such as guesthouse accommodations, to ease the transition. We also assist employees with finding suitable housing and are on hand to help them with the many items involved in settling into their new surroundings.

Q8. What scope is there for employees networking socially?

Ans: Boredom and monotony are not typically an issue for employees at RS Software. Our employees come together regularly outside of work in relaxed environments attending social events such as dances or sporting events. The RS Club creates an opportunity for employees to network and provides a platform to stimulate creativity and ideas. Since its inception, the RS Club has regularly been the source of much positive energy in our company helping maintain the enduring sense of family that characterizes our organization. All employees are members of the RS Club by default. Our annual company meeting also presents us with the opportunity to learn more about one another and our business.

Q9. Is there an employee referral program?

Ans: Our Employee Referral Incentive Scheme (ERIS) has been designed to allow our team members to benefit from encouraging other talented individuals to apply for open positions at RS Software. This scheme is applicable to every employee (except for our HR and recruiting teams) whether permanent, temporary or probationary status. An employee is eligible for the incentive once the company hires the referral. There is no limit to how many referrals an employee can make.

Q10. How will my performance be recognized in the organization?

Ans: As an organization, we believe that recognizing exceptional performance in a timely and public manner at both an individual and team level is vital to employee morale and our company’s success. Awards are given to an employee in recognition of length of service, quality of work performance, or major for achievements within the scope of their roles. Awards are also given on a group basis to teams that demonstrate excellence in areas that contribute to the efficiency and effectiveness of the company.


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