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At RS Software we understand that in order to grow as a company and deliver value to our clients we must offer our employees with a productive work environment that allows them to develop both professionally and personally. Their creativity, ideas and willingness to learn are essential to our success so we provide them with the tools they need to prosper at every stage of their careers. We are proud of the environment and the opportunities we offer at RS Software. Below are comments from members of the RS Software team on why they decided to build their careers with us. We believe these few examples reflect the feelings of the majority of our staff.

"I started my career at RS as a programmer. Now I am overseeing multiple projects. I have always been part of a great team - agile and keen to do quality work and provide the best results. Here I was given the scope I needed to hone my skills continuously. My seniors have guided me to grow in my career and supported me in challenging times. Above all the environment in RS is great. It makes me feel like a part of a family."
– Suparna Dhar, Assistant General Manager Delivery

"I joined the RS family in Feb 1999 with very limited skills, much like an uncarved piece of rock, and underwent a silent metamorphosis into what I am today. This was made possible by the unfailing support and encouragement given by my mentors in the organization. The growth path spreading over 16 years from a Developer to Senior Delivery Manager has been full of challenges and learning. The exposure that I have gained here has been immense! Handling projects with multiple deliveries, managing teams and retaining the stability of the project have all helped me mature as a professional. I am excited to contribute to my company’s roadmap of growth while striving hard to achieve more. I hope this journey never ends.”
– Souvik Datta Ray, Senior Technical Consultant


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