Why We Come To Work

Our mission is to help our clients enhance the economic circumstances of individuals, communities and countries through the transformative power of electronic payments.

Areas of Expertise

Core Processing

Develop or re-engineer high volume authorization, clearing and settlement, switching, reconciliation and disbursement systems.

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Security & Compliance

Tokenization, EMV, P2PE, encryption, DUKPT, 3DSecure, VbV, biometric, facial recognition, geo-location, PCI-DSS practices.

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Digital Payments

Development of API-driven digital strategy, platforms and shopping applications including white label mobile wallets.

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Data Analytics

Data assessment, cleansing, transformation, enrichment, and governance to support min inning, modeling and reporting for business intelligence.

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QA & Testing

Certification, integration, device and UI testing with test management and automation to streamline operations and improve code coverage.

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Merchant Acquiring

Automation & intelligent processing for dispute, chargeback, interchange optimization & settlement. EMV compliance & multi-currency capable.

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Payments Horizon Blog

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The Pair-A-Dig-Em Shift Is Coming To Digital Payments
June 28, 2016

One of my favorite resources is The Gobbledygook Manifesto by David Meerman Scott. Anyone who is tasked with telling the story of a product or service falls into the trap of using “gobbledygook” sooner…

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It’s About The Consumer
June 10, 2016

The human brain is a marvelous organ. Its capacity to absorb, process and retain information is not fully understood but the amount of data it handles is staggering. Researchers at the Okinawa Institute…

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Best Practices For Tokenization Projects Involving Data In Transit
January 4, 2016

Last week, I described a list of considerations for any payment organization considering the role to Token Service Provider or TSP. This week I will review a set of methodologies and practices designed…

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