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Two decades ago, consumers primarily paid cash for goods and services at establishments they visited in person. Today, they use an increasing number of payment instruments in a global online marketplace that never sleeps. Switching and authorizing the transactions generated within this environment has grown increasing complex with growth in transactions, payment types, devices and regulatory requirements.

We have assisted the leading brands in the payment business meet the challenges of switching and authorization in today’s 7x24 marketplace with an emphasis on availability, scalability and security. We provide solutions for environments that have the capacity to process billions of secure transactions a year at speeds of more than 11,000 tps.

We offer the following services for switching and authorization operations:

  • Development: Multi-platform, multi-language, multiple methodologies with specialization in high performance, continuously available systems.
  • Maintenance: 100 percent service levels and near zero downtime compliance for real time, high speed, best of breed, transaction processing applications.
  • Reengineering: Legacy application reengineering to improve performance, scalability and ease of maintenance.
  • Migration: Established methodologies for platform migrations involving operating systems, complex applications and supporting tools.
  • Testing: System, interoperability, smoke and other testing methodologies used to eliminate production failure in new code lines.
  • Production Support: 24 x 7 follow-the-sun full production support with documented levels of 100 percent service level compliance year upon year.
  • HelpDesk Support: Established track record for resolving complex technical issues and maintaining high levels of customer satisfaction around the world.
  • Implementation Support: Implementation support for highly complex, mission critical application changes.
  • Technical Writing: Writing and editing services to ensure technical documents remain current with changing business and technology environments.
  • Member Compliance and Certification: Established best practices for ensuring compliance and certification with leading payment networks and issuers.

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