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Risk & Fraud

Fraud accounts for more than $200 billion in losses each year in the United States alone. These losses affect every sector of the economy and, despite advances in managing risk and exposure, the number of attacks remain high. Modern databases, online information sharing and increased access points have opened up opportunities to perpetrate fraud on a wider scale from remote corners of the globe.

Large, well-organized criminal enterprises attack these areas of weaknesses to quickly and successfully commit fraud while leaving little evidence behind. To combat these criminals, payment organizations are incorporating sophisticate fraud prevention and detection solutions into their operations. RS Software has helped leading payment brands around the world integrate these solutions into high performance processing environments.

We offer the following services for the management of risk and fraud:

  • Development: Multi-platform, multi-language, multiple methodologies for customer software development with specialization in integrating to complex systems.
  • Maintenance: 100 percent service level compliance and near zero downtime for real-time, high speed, best of breed, transaction-processing applications.
  • Reengineering: Legacy application reengineering to implement rules engine, enhance performance, improve flexibility, increase reusability and develop better maintainability.
  • Migration: Established methodologies for platform migrations involving operating systems, complex applications and supporting tools.
  • Testing: System, interoperability, smoke, performance, automated and stress testing to increase efficiency and eliminate production failure in new code lines across complex infrastructures.
  • Production Support: 24 x 7 follow-the-sun full production support with 100 percent service level compliance to manage regular rollout of business releases in multi-geographical development environment.
  • Implementation Support: Expertise in deploying versions, updates, releases and new applications for development, testing, user acceptance and production where coordination among multiple teams is required.
  • HelpDesk Support: Established track record for resolving complex technical issues and maintaining high levels of customer satisfaction around the world.

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