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The globalization of the payments industry, growth of electronic payment methods and increasing regulatory complexity are placing pressure on acquirers who must offer competitive terms to attract merchants while providing a comprehensive range of services to retain their loyalty. These acquirers must be able to implement and manage merchant agreements with a wide range of pricing, service and settlement options while effectively and efficiently managing their operational costs.

RS Software provides acquirers with a comprehensive set of merchant management solutions that help them reduce complexity, lower cost and compete successfully in the marketplace. Our expertise in merchant management spans more than two decades and includes some of the world’s well-known brands. We offer the following services for merchant management:

  • Development: Multi-platform, multi-language, multiple methodologies with specialization in high performance, scalable, easily maintainable, multi-lingual systems.
  • Maintenance: 100 percent service level compliance and near zero downtime of applications, enhancements and interfaces.
  • Reengineering: Legacy application reengineering to improve performance, scalability, ease of maintenance and adaptation to new standards (such as EMV), across multiple channels and devices (e.g., ATM, POS, mobile).
  • Testing: System, interoperability, smoke, performance, automated and stress testing to increase efficiency and eliminate production failure in new code lines when service scenarios are changed or added.
  • Production Support: 24 x 7 follow-the-sun full production support with 100 percent service level compliance to manage regular rollout of business releases in multi-geographical development environment.
  • Implementation Support: Expertise that includes interfacing with third party fraud management systems, updating of rules and message adapters for new back end service subscriptions.
  • Member Compliance and Certification: Established best practices for ensuring PCI compliance and conformance with PABP guidelines as well as certification process during onboarding of end-points.

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