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Most sales transactions move smoothly through the system. They are processed, posted, and paid with very few problems. However, the growth of electronic payments and increase in sales by online merchants has resulted in a larger volume of disputes and chargebacks. How issuers and acquirers manage these exceptions has a direct impact on the loyalty of the customers and merchants they serve.

Efficiently and effectively processing disputes and chargebacks may involve several systems within multiple organizations operating in various countries. The possibility of fraud, evolving and complex regulatory requirements and alternative payment options has complicated matters further. For over a decade RS Software has provided dispute and chargeback solutions to customers throughout the world.

We offer the following services for our clients’ dispute and chargeback needs:

  • Development: Multi-platform, multi-language, multiple methodologies for customer software development with specialization in integrating to complex back office systems.
  • Maintenance: 100 percent service level compliance and near zero downtime of applications, enhancements and interfaces in environments where operating and business protocols change continuously.
  • Reengineering: Legacy application reengineering to implement rules engine, integrate enterprise service bus, enhance performance, improve flexibility, increase reusability and develop better maintainability.
  • Testing: System, interoperability, smoke, performance, automated and stress testing to increase efficiency and eliminate production failure in new code lines across complex infrastructures.
  • Production Support: 24 x 7 follow-the-sun full production support with 100 percent service level compliance to manage regular rollout of business releases in multi-geographical development environment.
  • Implementation Support: Expertise in deploying versions, updates, releases and new applications for development, testing, user acceptance and production where coordination among multiple teams is required.

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