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The growth of electronic payments and e-commerce has generated an enormous amount of data about consumer behavior and preferences. Harvesting this information and using it to support an organization’s business goals requires expertise in data quality, transformation, enrichment, and mining that can be applied in transactional as well as macro analytics.

RS Software has been involved in data management and analytics within payment environments for more than twenty years. We have the capability to support clients in four key areas of data analysis: technology, governance, analytics and strategy. We offer a complete set of data analytic services that include assessment, consulting, established migration methodologies, implementation, testing and production support.

Oracle e-Biz Scanner
Many organizations use the Oracle E-Business suite to make better decisions, reduce costs, and increase performance. When these organizations upgrade their Oracle suite they must consider several options. They can change select processes in pre-determined areas, add new modules or treat the migration as an entirely new implementation.

Whatever path they choose, businesses that complete their EBS project on time and within budget make an early and thorough assessment of the impact of the upgrade. The RS e-Biz Scanner eliminates the business risks from Oracle EBS upgrades by providing impact analysis that is 100 percent accurate and reduces upgrade times by 70 percent.

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Find out how the RS Software E-Biz Scanner reduces Oracle conversions 70%

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