Why We Come To Work

Our mission is to help our clients enhance the economic circumstances of individuals, communities and countries through the transformative power of electronic payments.

Areas of Expertise

Core Processing

Develop or re-engineer high volume authorization, clearing and settlement, switching, reconciliation and disbursement systems.

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Security & Compliance

Tokenization, EMV, P2PE, encryption, DUKPT, 3DSecure, VbV, biometric, facial recognition, geo-location, PCI-DSS practices.

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Digital Payments

Development of API-driven digital strategy, platforms and shopping applications including white label mobile wallets.

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Data Analytics

Data assessment, cleansing, transformation, enrichment, and governance to support min inning, modeling and reporting for business intelligence.

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QA & Testing

Certification, integration, device and UI testing with test management and automation to streamline operations and improve code coverage.

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Merchant Acquiring

Automation & intelligent processing for dispute, chargeback, interchange optimization & settlement. EMV compliance & multi-currency capable.

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Payments Horizon Blog

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A High Growth Payment Company Positions Itself For The Future
July 28, 2016

Industry Landscape The rapid introduction of new payment initiatives and the growing demand by consumers for new ways to pay combine to make keeping payment systems available and compliant with regulations…

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Exits, Soccer (Football) And The Data Imperative
July 12, 2016

Many of us watched in disbelief as a majority of citizens in the United Kingdom voted to leave the European Union. Any of us with stock market portfolios felt the sting of our global connectedness as our…

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The Zombie App Apocalypse – In Progress On A Device Near You
July 5, 2016

Déjà Vu All Over Again Those of us who have been involved with FinTech for more than a few years have a tendency to look at “innovations” through an historical lens based on our previous experience.…

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